Mannkando is still young, but already fast growing. We hold stable positions in the automotive aftermarket in many countries.

Today we have a large retail chain in Asian countries, and our products are sold in many countries around the world. We serve 21,000 automobile repair shops across the world, which is over 20 million cars! And there is more to come, we plan to open 500-800 new retail shops in the European market within the next 3 years. We’ve already started working on implementing the goal!


Our History

2015 – foundation of the company
The company was born in 2015. Its foundation was actively supported by several world car parts manufacturers and investment funds. After several years the company became a global player in the automotive aftermarket. We have a well-developed retail chain including over 2,000 shops in the Asian market. Our products are sold in over 50 countries.
2019 – MANNKANDO Group
In 2019 we created an international brand called Mannkando and focused on the development of car parts shops in the global market. Mannkando Group has a representative office in Frankfurt, Germany; a supply centre in Europe and China; a team of ERP & SaaS developers in Hangzhou, China, and Moscow, Russia; petrochemicals and a research platform in America and Canada.
Our retail shops are located in Europe's satellite cities, are easy to reach and have a sufficient supply of products. Our sales assistants will help you choose the right product. We offer quality parts for light motor vehicles and trucks. We provide reliable products delivered fast and having a warranty to our main customers: automobile repair shops and car owners. Delivery is free regardless of the total amount.
High-Quality Service
Retail Shop
Our Advantages
Eight main advantages
Based on the data on hundreds of millions of products
High-quality service
Quick logistics
Decent quality of products
Low prices
Effective supplies
Rich management experience
Tried and tested business model

Mannkando Shops


activated countries


countries with a franchise network (Russia, China, Germany)


planned countries


planned shops


Company anniversary celebration

On July 31, our company celebrated one year since its foundation. A young, but already fast-growing company held its corporate event in one of the suburban hotels in the Moscow Region.

Store opening!

This week the grand opening of three new shops of our retail chain was held!